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Schedule of Fees | Criminal/Traffic Division

337.53 b3 Seat belts - passenger
337.53 b2 Driver allows passenger, not wearing seat belt
337.35b1 Seat belts - Driver
371.01 Right of way in crosswalk
371.03 Pedestrian to yield right of way
371.02 Riding on seats, handlebars, helmets and glasses
337.27 Wheel protectors
303.01a Failing to comply with the lawful order of police; fleeing
313.01 Obedience to traffic control device
313.02 Stop and yield right-of-way signs
313.03 Red light
313.06 Flashing traffic signals
331.01 Driving upon right side of road
331.02 Passing to right - oncoming traffic
331.03 Overtaking, passing to left
331.04 Overtaking, passing to right
331.05 Passing, left of center
331.06 Driving on the left side of the roadway
331.07 Hazardous or no passing zone
331.11 "U" turns restricted
331.13 Signals before changing course, turning or stopping
331.16 Operation at a yield sign
331.17 Operation at a stop sign
331.20 Driving onto roadway; duties to yield
331.21 Driving onto roadway; stopping at sidewalk
331.23 Driver's view to be unobstructed
331.24 Driving on a closed street
331.28 One-way streets
331.35 Driving on sidewalks, lawns, curbs
333.03 Speed - 19mph or less over limit - except in school zone
333.03 b2 SCHOOL ZONE - 14mph or less over limit
333.04 Slow speed; minimum speeds
335.09 License plates expired, unlawful
335.10 License plates to be unobstructed
337.01 Unsafe vehicle
337.02 Lighted Lights: Distance
337.03 Headlights on motor vehicles
337.04 Tail light: license plate light
337.05 Rear red reflector
337.12 Cowl, fender, back-up lights
337.13 Display of lighted lights
337.14 Use of headlight beams
337.20 Muffler, excessive noise, smoke or gas
337.21 Rear-view mirror
337.22 Towing requirements
337.24 Motor vehicle stop lights
337.31 Broken, cracked, nontransparent or discolored glass
337.34 Loud sound system / music amplification - First Offense
331.37 Driving across railroad crossing
371.06 Clinging to a motor vehicle
331.19 Right of way - public safety vehicle
331.26 Driving over fire hose
333.02 Reckless operation - Driving without due regard

$25.00 ($10.00 late fee and $15.00 bench warrant fee) to all payments made after the court date.

For all violations that occur in a construction zone where workers are present, please call the Clerk's office at 419-936-3650 for the fine amount.