Reschedule a Court Date

You have a few options if you cannot make your scheduled court date for a civil case.

  1. Hire an attorney to appear on your behalf.

  2. File a motion. 
    You can file a motion requesting a new court date. 

    • A blank motion form is available here

    • Fill it out completely including the case number.

    • The filing fee is $3.00.  Any motion without the required filing fee will not be processed.

    • You can mail or e-file it with us


      Clerk of Court
      Civil Division
      555 North Erie Street
      Toledo, OH 43604

      You will need to create an account on the site. 

    • You must always send a copy to the other party on the case. This is the certification on the bottom of the motion form – you are certifying you sent the opposing party a copy.

    • Pursuant to Local Rule 14(H), all motions to continue a court date should be filed at least seven days in advance.